Smartphone Battery Meter

SPBattMet is small utility for Windows Mobile Smartphones displaying phone battery meter by thin colored line on top of the screen.
Battery meter line is displayed on both home screen view and applications view. Length of the colored part of the status line reflects battery charge while color means battery state - good/low/critical/charging.

SPBattMet on home screen
SPBattMet on application title bar

You can download SPBattMet as a single executable file. Just copy it to the device and launch it. Good place is to put it directly to the start up folder (\Windows\StartUp).
Another way how to make sure it will be launched during start up, is to add it among the init stuff (registry key HKLM\Init). In this case it must be added in the way it will be started after home.exe. Best solution is to add also dependency on home.exe.
For this case i've created simple installation cab which installs SPBattMet and sets it to the Launch92 value and adds dependency to the home.exe, which should be under the value Launch80. This should be OK for most of Smartphones. To make yourself sure check if registry value HKLM\Init\Launch92 is not already engaged and if HKLM\Init\Launch80 points to home.exe.
The difference between these two approaches how to automaticaly start SPBattMet is that when it is started from start up folder, home screen is not always ready yet and it fails. Another problems is that app can be killed when phone has low memory. If SPBattMet is started in init phase, it doesn't happen.
The registry key HKLM\Init is protected and on locked Smartphone installation fails. If it happens for installation purposes security needs to be unlocked. Read more about it in Smartphone unlocking article. To just ensure successfull installation either just change the Security level policy (0000101b) or the Unsigned cabs policy (00001005). The change of security policy can after successfull installation reverted.

Single executable: SPBattMet.exe (12k) or zip packed exe (4k)
Installation cabinet: SPBattMet.CAB (14k) or zip packed cabinet (4k)